About us


Our Vision


we provide schools, businesses and training centers with the latest virtual and teaching control technologies. We seek to research and develop effective solutions adapted to the XXI century, implementing them in different ways and provide better performance and efficiency to our customers. In addition, we focus on developing commercial channels throughout all the continent, in Latin-America and North-America. We generate confidence, strong sense of honesty and good service. We pledge to support in less than 24 hours after being requested by our customers achieving the ultimate goal of excellence.

We believe that our main priority is develop new technology and give the best support without delays, resulting both in the attitude of our directors and employees to immediately attend to those who request us to resolve any chalange finding the best technology for excellency.

Our Mision

It is to see ourselves as a company of the first generation that meets all the goals with advanced virtual and class control solutions for companies and schools in the private and public sector. We seek advanced solutions that rich the objectives set by the institutions, at the end, our research helps forge a comprehensive improvement in the learning process throughout the Spanish countries and North America.

Our experience in the virtual technologies field with Novell, Ardence, Provisioning, VMware, CCboot and VNTC software´s give us the knowledge and the qualifications to be the best candidates to advise our schools and training centers with the only purpose to increase productivity and ensure the continuity and protection of its facilities with the most advanced solutions available throughout the world.