Virtual Technology

The virtualization should not miss in the educational institutions, companies that provide training for their employees and for some other businesses that share computers with multiple users. For example, in the libraries where computers are shared with many. The virtual technology for computer labs with PC´s or mini PC´s called as well as (ITs). These PCs or mini PCs we will call them as Terminals. The teminals don’t need a hard disk for booting and the operating system image is hosted on the dedicated server.
VNTC software version 5.5 and the Master Class software version 8.3 are essential for the new generation of virtual labs, giving safety and proper processing for all the terminals on the network.

Master Class software has many tools that allow the teacher to apply new teaching methods. The functions of this software make the teacher be in control of the class. Also, the virtual technology implements the protection of the terminals, services and the processing on the network.

The virtual software VNTC prevents additional costs for the schools when it´s not need to buy additional protective software’s, which today they are considered unnecessary, as the anti-virus and anti-spams software’s which represent a significant expending for the school. If you receive hundreds of users daily in your computer labs, we are sure your greatest concern is focused on the security. This is why the software “VNTC Version 5.5” is getting more and more acceptance for the schools and companies.

The software VNTC V5.5 combined with Master Class V8.3, allow the teachers to control the terminals of the computer lab and makes the students be more concentrated in class. Thereby Master Class is a big tool helping teachers increase the learning process with the students. Among the most important functions, we find the video broadcasting in real-time over 250 students at the same time, the teachers can record the class at home in order to play it for his different groups of students in different days, the teacher can make the attendance list for all the students, share the teacher’s desktop to some students or to a large group of students, the teacher can do exams with the Master Class editor and correct them in seconds, etc. The benefits resulting from the combination of the 2 software are; the students find the courses interesting and funny, the maintenance costs are reduced, VNTC makes the computer labs multi-disciplinary so the teacher can generate different virtual partitions with different operative systems as Windows or Linux.

VNTC makes the possibility of growth in the number of workstations for the students, only doing the connection “plug and play”. The virtual labs help the schools to reduce the heat generated by the motherboards of the PCs, because using mini-PCs their components are smaller so they generete less heat. Working in a lab with mini-PCs maintains a pleasant work environment because they can be placed on the back of the monitor, giving the students more space and good view in the surrounding areas of the lab. VNTC and Master Class can make start the terminals and turn them down remotely with a simple command. VNTC generate passwords to each student, in order to prevent unwanted intruders or users on the computer lab.