Master Class V-8

Software Master Class V8.3

Master Class software 8.3 was created in order to help teachers to manage the computer labs. The software is in Spanish and English. It has different tools and functions. Among the main functions are, the teacher can share his desktop with one or many students, to broadcast videos and voice to the students, open a voice chat and text chat so, the students can share opinions or discus any particular subject in class, it assigns a class leader from the students, teacher can surveille users and control their mini-PCs remotely, the software can display to the students his desktop, teacher can lock the keyboard and mouse when it is necessary.

Master Class records the class and after the teacher can play the videos to different groups, the teacher can play videos in class in real time, he can turn off and turn on the mini-PCs remotely, the teacher can distribute files, send a warning messages to the students and take the attendance list. Thanks to Master Class editor, the teacher can create and correct the exams. Master Class editor shows a window with different commands that help him to create tests with different features. Teachers may perform multiple-choices tests with multiple correct answers. The editor presents easy icons to choose and make questions where the answers are true or false.

With regards to the digital recording feature, the teacher can record his lecture, for example the English class and let students to do repetitions of sounds and pronunciation recording them in order to check their pronunciation and make them improve it. This function apply in many disciplines. The teacher can make an identification supervision asking students to provide their IDs.  After the identification the student’s name will be registered and remain on the teacher´s desktop. Master Class can be installed on any computer or mini-PC with any Microsoft operating system or with the free operating systems (Linux). The installation process is easy. You install the software required for students in each student PC and the software for the teacher in the teacher´s PC. Master Class can also be installed on tablets with Windows or Android operating system. Using Master Class the teacher will notice that the students are more receptive to learn because the software doesn’t allow students to be distracted in class.

Download Master Class V8.3 manual making click on the following link: <Master Class Manual>

Liga de descarga de Master Class última versión 8.4  Master Class 8.4