Digital Lab 

The installation of a virtual lab called “Turnkey”, requires a dedicated server and a virtual software installed on it. The software will provide the image with the operating system assigned to every workstation either are PCs or mini-PCs. The server shares with the terminals the processing at 50% each. This means that the server never will be saturated.  VNTC 5.5 allows us to create a list of virtual disks that are assigned for each user, depending on the grade and the requirements for the applications. Subsequently, to achieve the objectives of the “Turnkey” we must take into consideration accessories for the conventional devices.

Computer labs in schools, training centers and companies share their facilities with hundreds of users every day. The greatest manager concern is focused on the security and intent to maintain operational the lab and avoid disruptions that affect users in their daily activities. Therefore, the administrators take much into account the known solutions recommended by the market. They install anti-virus software even if they are not 100% effective against attacks, then, they install a protective software for the operating system for a quick recovery. Over time, lab managers realize that the anti-virus and the security software for the operating system doesn’t give the expected results because the PCs are still infected with new viruses that appear every day and because the users have sufficient computer skills to modify the configuration of the OS. Administrators starts to note that the lab processing speed decrease because the PCs make updates for these software and in certain cases it takes too long.

Other important issues regarding the labs in the schools are that the administrator of the lab spends more than 70% of his time just trying to fix the defective PCs and repair the damage in the operating system configuration. With the VNTC software, the lab managers have opened new possibilities to solve all the problems of the computer labs. With the virtual software VNTC, the administrators can fix any problem simply when they restart the PC. It  recovers the original image and clean the operative system. If we consider all the benefits of VNTC, the schools could reduce costs of maintenance fees and gives the necessary protection to the terminals. Now the schools and businesses are no longer worry about the most common problems of the PCs. It is time to leave the worries aside and make your technical staff work searching for solutions and tools that help teachers to improve their teachings.